Drive more people through the door
more often with Intelligent Cycling

We want to take the indoor cycling-experience to new heights in the easiest, most accessible way for you and your members. That’s why all you need to get started with our software is a PC! Our desktop app will allow you to take your members on a ride through virtual worlds, or guide your live training sessions with easy-to-understand visuals while your instructors coach the class. Your members can even access all workouts via their own smartphones and play them in the bike studio in between live classes. Our versatile software helps you meet member needs both in and outside of the studio. Use Live Streaming for virtual classes to stay connected to members working out at home, and take your club into the future!


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The player

The Player maps out the ride ahead with easy to understand visuals so your instructors can focus on coaching.

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The Journey

Take your members on a virtual indoor cycling adventure that is sure to distract from the exertion of the ride. All workouts on our platform are compatible with The Journey.

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Team Player

Add an extra social element with our group display, and showcase that team spirit!

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Hear, feel, and see the music with dynamic graphics that mimic the energy of the music.

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Live player

Stream live classes and connect with members at home! We display all essential workout details at the bottom of your live video feed – all your instructors have to do is coach.

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Virtual Player

Members can use the Virtual Player to run workouts on the big screen in your studio in between live classes.


Session Designer

Drag and drop your way to a new workout faster than you can pick the music. It’s simple, intuitive and fully customizable.

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Mobile App

In addition to top-quality workouts, the app offers Bluetooth connectivity and Strava integration. Connect to a bike or HR device for a truly intelligent workout.

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On Demand

No instructor? No problem! Join our instructors for simple, fun and effective indoor cycling classes – anytime, anywhere.

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